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Valium (Diazepam, Seduksen, Relanium, Sibazon) - a mild tranquilizer, mainly prescribed for anxiety disorders in recommended dose of 5-10mg 2-3 times a day. It is sold in white capsules of 2mg and a yellow tablet, 5mg with the inscription "Roche". So, it’s become obvious that Valium is currently made by Roche Products, Inc. Due to the fact that expire date of patent is coming to the end, some companies start to develop generic Valium. Among such companies are well known:

  • Apotheca
    Barr Laboratories
    Baxter Healthcare Corp
    Ivax Pharmaceuticals
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals
    Parenta Pharmaceuticals
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
    Roxane Laboratories
    Watson Pharmaceuticals

Valium has a sedative-hypnotic, anticonvulsant and central muscle relaxant effect. The mechanism of Diazepam action leads to increased inhibitory action of GABA ton transmission of nerve impulses.
When should patient take Valium?
Valium is taken in such conditions as: anxiety disorders, dysphoria, insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), spasms of skeletal muscles at the local trauma; spastic conditions associated with lesions of the brain or spinal cord (cerebral palsy, athetosis, tetanus); myositis, bursitis, arthritis, progressive chronic polyarthritis, arthrosis, accompanied by a voltage of skeletal muscle; vertebral syndrome, angina, tension headache; abstinent alcohol syndrome: anxiety, tension, agitation, tremor and many other conditions, about which you may ask your doctor. At the shelves of numerous online pharmacies, you will be able to find generic Valium tablets in such available packages:
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Generic Valium does not differ in its properties from the usual brand Valium. They are both rapidly absorbed in the body have the same active ingredients in the composition. The only difference is price: generic Valium is the exact copy of the brand one, but is much cheaper.